Ella’s Hot Pot – Healing with Pure Bees’ Wax and Herbs.   

This course will share an Old Folk Remedy which helps to release chronic and recent pain. You will learn how to prepare and apply this remedy to yourself and others. I was at one of Ella’s Herbal Seminars and there was a gentleman who had chronic knee pain. We shall call him Pat; he could not walk five steps of stairs when he arrived. He made arrangements to arrive in advance so Ella would treat him. She began to give him applications of the hot pot. There were three flights of stairs from the eating area to the lecture hall; he had to be driven down for half of the seminar. Then miracles began to happen, he was able to walk one flight of stairs, then two and on the last day of seminar he walked the entire way! He went on his way a happy man!

You will learn the products that go into this formula, the way it is applied and the experience of hands on making and sharing.

From Plant To Lotion

You will learn to use freshly harvested plants, infuse them in oil and make a salve, beautiful cream and lotion.

From Arnica to Rose petals…we shall create marvelous concoctions that you can take home for yourself, family and friends.

Physician Heal Thyself

Self work for the wounded healer

Learning to balance your own healing journey while working with others

Learning objectives and outcomes

  • Learn to walk your talk – follow your own advice
  • Discover and work with your shadow
  • Identify and mastery over ego as a practitioner

Medicinal Mead Making: The Honey Wine Of Olden Time

The Blessings of the Bees Beckon You!

A how-to exploration of the alchemy of transforming honey into wine! Learn the simple skills and techniques that will allow you to brew your own at home!

We will be going on a journey to discover:

  • The origins of mead & the ancient history of bees and man
  • The phenomenal healing qualities of honey wine!
  • The Many Healing herbs that have been traditionally infused in mead to give  flavours, colours and medicinal effects.

The Magic and Medicine of Chocolate: Cacao as a whole food.

A Chocolate making experience.

Although the word chocolate for many conjures up the image of guilty pleasure and sweet treats, the source of chocolate is a bitter miracle called cacao. We will be making chocolate on site and sharing the methods and ways it can be used in the kitchen and beyond in savoury dishes, confection, and a carrier for other herbal medicine. I will talk about the ecology of the tree from which it comes and the ecosystem in which it participates, how it has been used and held in reverence for millennia by the people of Central and South America, and how we can use it today in our lives as a vehicle for health and happiness.

Tonic Herbal Drinks

In this workshop we will combine tonic herbalism with superfoods to create fortified health beverages that taste amazing!

Through out this journey I (Yarrow) will touch in on a few basic formulas and concepts for crafting Elixirs, Cordials, Syurps, Tinctures, Meads, and more.

As we do this, we will sample drinks and discuss best practices for stacking herbal ingredients with ideal delivery systems that create maximum enjoyment, effectiveness and ease of use.

This class is meant inspire your creative herbal pharmacy practice, while touching in on dozens of botanical and other unique ingredients that are well worth knowing about and working with. There are no hard set rules to this type of herbalism. All it takes is a few basic concepts and a desire to start playing with them, pretty soon you’ll find you are well on your way to mastering your own great tasting herbal tonic drinks.

Herbal Soap Making

– what is soap made from? history of soap
– cold process vs hot process
– safety and soap making, how to neutralize lye and what equipment to avoid
– what oils to use, and how to formulate your recipe
– how to make a mold from recycled containers
– how to infuse herbs and essential oils into your soap bar, the medicinal herbal side of soap
– reaching ‘trace’
– the saponification process
– cutting and curing
– what can go wrong/ troubleshooting
– Q&A