Medicinal Mead Making: The Honey Wine Of Olden Time

The Blessings of the Bees Beckon You!

A how-to exploration of the alchemy of transforming honey into wine! Learn the simple skills and techniques that will allow you to brew your own at home!

We will be going on a journey to discover:

  • The origins of mead & the ancient history of bees and man
  • The phenomenal healing qualities of honey wine!
  • The Many Healing herbs that have been traditionally infused in mead to give  flavours, colours and medicinal effects.

The Magic and Medicine of Chocolate: Cacao as a whole food.

A Chocolate making experience.

Although the word chocolate for many conjures up the image of guilty pleasure and sweet treats, the source of chocolate is a bitter miracle called cacao. We will be making chocolate on site and sharing the methods and ways it can be used in the kitchen and beyond in savoury dishes, confection, and a carrier for other herbal medicine. I will talk about the ecology of the tree from which it comes and the ecosystem in which it participates, how it has been used and held in reverence for millennia by the people of Central and South America, and how we can use it today in our lives as a vehicle for health and happiness.