Sharing The Spirits Of Plants

On this nature walk, we will listen to the spirit of the plants as they share with us their songs. Mother Earth sings to us her gifts, we only need to be open and accept. I will share the knowledge of my Ancestors and Elders with Gratitude and Respect. You will take in the sacredness of being one with our Mother Earth and the Generous Blessing she bestows upon us.

The Language of Plants

An interactive Plant walk

Plants communicate to us through their biochemistry, shape, colour and growing patterns. Humans and plants have co-evolved that our senses, including taste receptor sites on our tongue, can identify a plant’s personality, inner nature  and medicine. Using our bodies to understand a plant’s language is sometimes called indigenous wisdom that humans over the world have relied on to learn the ways of the Green Bloods.     

Learning objectives and outcomes

  • Identify the primary tastes: bitter, sour, sweet, pungent, aromatic and what body systems and functions they correlate to herbal actions and medicinal use.
  • Sense and feel how quick (or not so quick) plants move through the body when tasting (diffuse, permanent etc)
  • The significance of seasons and plant parts when harvesting roots, berries, leaf, flower.

The Green (Wo)Man

This class combines elements of a herb walk, a harvesting expedition, an anatomy discussion, a materia medica review and creative art. A deeply experiential way of learning about herbs and herbal uses for different body parts, an interactive horticulture therapy practice, a collective art installation and an exploration of materia medica and therapeutic applications.

Intertidal Zone Plants: Marine algae and Halophiles

Plant Identification and manual contact

Locate, identify, taste, smell, and classify individual species

Learning objectives and outcomes

  • Identify common intertidal plant species
  • Learn potential food and medicinal uses of plants encountered
  • Taste and smell each separate species