Herbs for Womens’s Health

Join Krista Dawn Poulton on a women’s health plant walk to cultivate intimate relationship with plants, the connection from seed to harvest to medicine. We will be identifying plants in the beautiful Botanical Garden at Innisfree Farm, learning harvesting and medicine-making procedures, along with energetics and therapeutics of plant medicine for women’s health. Krista will be discussing feminine connection plants, thorn medicine, along with hormonally based herbs and how they affect the endocrine system.

The Beauty of Herbs

The layers of beauty that botanicals behold is manifold. Spending time in a garden imbues the medicine of beauty through the senses. Each sensory pathway a plant enters into your being carries a unique form of communication that affects your wellness in a different way. In this class you will go beyond the pure delight and luxury of beauty, and discover the ways it serves as an absolute necessity to the whole health of one’s being. You’ll take home an understanding of how the beauty of herbs plays the strongest role in disengaging the stress response, optimizes the efficiency of your organ systems, and can bring you to engage in your strongest game yet.


Utilizing the magical Botanic Garden at Innisfree Farm participants will be guided through an interpretive herb walk with a focus on the aromatic compounds of certain herbs.

  • Using our senses we will immerse into the plant medicine of each herb
  • Extraction method and aromatic profile of plant will be discussed
  • There will be an emphasis on an ethical aromatherapy approach

Learning Objective

The active participant of this workshop will gain insight on how, why and where certain plants produce aromatic compounds, how these compounds are extracted and the medicinal actions and benefits of certain aromatic compounds. Participants will conclude the workshop with a better understanding of safe and ethical usage of essential oils.

Ceremonial Journeying with Nature

Every being belongs and has it’s place in nature. The human form has removed itself from this natural law and connectional belonging. Healing for a human being and nature can begin when connection is made.

Join Alexandra in sacred circle for ceremonial connection and teaching.  Through the vertical journey of your soul you will have the opportunity to discover your own sacred place. Your place in the world, amongst greater nature and within yourself. 

Herbs for the Immune System

In this herb walk/sit/stand we will being utilizing Innisfree Farm’s Botanic Garden to look at some of the aspects of Botanical medicines interaction with the immune system and Coherence.

Three Wise Grubs, Wild Weeds Walk..

This little trio of herbal story tellers and quirky plant whisperers have over 100 years of combined experience working with plants and doing herb walks. Expect lengthy tangents, interesting side stories and a few good laughs as they meander their way through the wild weeds that surround the property.

Wild Medicinal Plant Walk

A special offer to all attendees at the CHAofBC 2017  AGM and early arrivals for the Vancouver Island Community herbal Gathering – all are welcome

The emphasis is on the wild plants that grow in the temperate rain forest, from salal to huckleberries to cedar trees to the awesome dogwood berries. The walk will include identifying the  wild medicinals, their different uses , seeing them in their habitat and connecting with the wild nature around us.