Growing a medicine garden – Herb growing for the herbalist

In this hands-on intensive we will be exploring the magic, wholeness, and connection that growing your own herb garden can impart, and the useful techniques that will help your garden to flourish.

We will look at not only the ‘hows’, but also the ‘whys’ and ‘whats’, as we discuss the richness that growing our own herbs can bring to our lives and to our practice of herbalism. During the intensive we will be spending time in the beautiful herb garden at Innisfree practicing hands-on techniques in herb growing including propagation, transplanting, observing soil & exposure, and seed-saving.

Areas of exploration:

  • Why grow your own herbs?
  • Producing potent medicinal plants
  • The garden as a healer
  • The depth of plant connection
  • Growing from seed to seed
  • Herbs as wild plants
  • 8 herbs for the West Coast garden

Shinrin Yoku – Forest Bathing and the Biophilia Pharmacy

An exploration of the science and magic of tree medicine around the world. This illustrated talk considers sacred and medicinal trees in culture and in medicine. We will discuss traditional and historical understanding of trees in healing, modern science and research, the concept of Biophilia and how it informs the clinical practice of phytotherapy,  the new clinical diagnosis of Nature Deficit Disorder, how phytoncides function and the importance of Vitamin G. This intensive will also give you a chance to experience meditation as medicine.

Herbal First Aid for Community Gatherings

Make Your First Action A Healing One

Learning objectives and outcomes

  • learn what to expect in large group first aid scenarios
  • learn how to prepare and how to treat the most common first aid scenarios (ex. asthma, flesh wounds, sprains, digestive distress, allergies, headaches, etc)
  • learn to use wild weeds and common plants for emergency care
  • learn how to support someone With More than Just Herbs when they’re experiencing trauma (emergency bedside manner)
  • Q & A, – bring the examples and scenarios that you’d like input on

Making Liquid Herbal Extracts

The how and why of medicine making – macerated tinctures, percolations, dual extractions, syrups and more. This workshop gives you the tricks of the trade from a master medicine maker.

Learn about:

  • Solvents, ratios, potencies and synergies
  • Working with resins, mushrooms, mucilage and volatile compounds
  • Keeping a lab book
  • Testing your tinctures – organoleptic and objective measurements
  • Dosing and safety