Herbal Medicine for Children: Crafting Delicious and Effective Medicine for Kids

Herbal Medicine is a wonderful way to bring health and wellness to our children. Having them comply with taking their medicine is often challenging. Through a series of simple to complete steps learn how to craft delicious and effective herbal medicine that is both economical and delicious.

We will explore:

  • Simple syrup and maceration techniques
  • Herbal Tea blending for children
  • Tablet and Electuary crafting
  • Child Friendly Materia Medica
  • Dosage recommendations for Children

During this hands-on class we will prepare several herbal recipes and learn about the herb allies to have on hand for the little ones in our lives. This class is for those who wish to be more autonomous with their herbal medicine making in relation to children as well as practitioners who see children in practice.

Presented by Colleen Emery