Nature Soundscape – voice and movement, silence and stillness

In this 90 minute exploratory of natural sounds, vocal magician Joanna “Jobird” Finch will show you ways to make music a visceral experience that engages the whole body. Playing with ranges of sound and silence, this sensory symphony will make you feel alive and connected to plants in a way you may never have experienced before. Joanna draws from her experiences in China as the House of I Ceremonialist, from her work as a sound healer/ intuitive body worker and from 50 years as a dedicated singer, to combine her gifts in this sensually delightful experience. We will begin with a relaxing sound bath, using instruments she’s created or found in nature. There will be some discussion, small group combos, and some hands on playfulness as well as a final concert- in – the- round.

Presented by Joanna Finch