Ella’s Hot Pot – Healing with Pure Bees’ Wax and Herbs.   

This course will share an Old Folk Remedy which helps to release chronic and recent pain. You will learn how to prepare and apply this remedy to yourself and others. I was at one of Ella’s Herbal Seminars and there was a gentleman who had chronic knee pain. We shall call him Pat; he could not walk five steps of stairs when he arrived. He made arrangements to arrive in advance so Ella would treat him. She began to give him applications of the hot pot. There were three flights of stairs from the eating area to the lecture hall; he had to be driven down for half of the seminar. Then miracles began to happen, he was able to walk one flight of stairs, then two and on the last day of seminar he walked the entire way! He went on his way a happy man!

You will learn the products that go into this formula, the way it is applied and the experience of hands on making and sharing.

Presented by Netta Zeberoff