Ethical Aromatherapy: Essential Oil Sustainability and Safe Usage

Essential oils are the highly concentrated distillates of certain herbs, woods, barks, flowers and resins and hence demand our respect when we use them for healing. Within this workshop you will discover how to engage with essential oils in a healthy, safe and ethical way that acknowledges the associated ecological footprint that this extraction of whole plant medicine carries. This critical thinking discovery will empower individuals to make educated and intelligent decisions when utilizing this type of plant medicine extraction.

We will explore:

  • How essential oils are extracted from whole plant medicine.
  • How essential oils differ from whole plant medicine.
  • What is the associated ecological footprint of this form of plant medicine?
  • How to safely purchase essential oils.
  • What is organoleptic testing?
  • How chemical analysis of essential oils can deter and distract from energetic analysis
  • Safe routes of administration and general dilution ratio recommendations

During the conclusion of this workshop we will have time to discover and explore certain essential oils and evaluate these through learned organoleptic testing techniques. This is a workshop for both the seasoned and educated herbalist or aromatherapist alongside the user of this type of plant medicine for their own wellness.

Presented by Colleen Emery