Wild Carrot and Contraception

Wild Carrot Seed (Daucas carota) has been used for centuries by women to prevent pregnancy. Working with this traditional method of contraception offers modern women not only an alternative birth control option, but also an opportunity to connect more deeply with the cycles of their bodies. This class covers:

  • signs of fertility and charting your cycle for working with wild carrot
  • ways that wild carrot has been used successfully for contraception, as well cases where it has not been effective
  • how wild carrot works in preventing pregnancy
  • considerations for appropriate use, side effects and contraindications
  • sourcing, harvesting and additional medicinal uses of this plant

Kristy shares from several years experience successfully working with wild carrot for contraception and from the work of her teacher Robin Rose Bennett, who has compiled a wealth of empirical wisdom over the past 30 years from women and herbalists working with this plant and has written in depth on this subject.

Presented by Kristy Bredin