Tonic Herbal Drinks

In this workshop we will combine tonic herbalism with superfoods to create fortified health beverages that taste amazing!

Through out this journey I (Yarrow) will touch in on a few basic formulas and concepts for crafting Elixirs, Cordials, Syurps, Tinctures, Meads, and more.

As we do this, we will sample drinks and discuss best practices for stacking herbal ingredients with ideal delivery systems that create maximum enjoyment, effectiveness and ease of use.

This class is meant inspire your creative herbal pharmacy practice, while touching in on dozens of botanical and other unique ingredients that are well worth knowing about and working with. There are no hard set rules to this type of herbalism. All it takes is a few basic concepts and a desire to start playing with them, pretty soon you’ll find you are well on your way to mastering your own great tasting herbal tonic drinks.

Presented by Yarrow Willard