Gender Diversity and Inclusivity in Clinical Practice

Thinking beyond the Binary

Are you curious to learn more about how to create a more inclusive and accessible herbal practice? As our culture shifts toward become safer for a diversity of genders and expressions, many health care practitioners and herbal enthusiasts are searching for resources to learn more about gender diversity and learn ways to best serve these groups, not only in an herbal therapeutic sense, but also in the ways in which our clinical practices are set up. This workshop will provide an overview of concepts and terminology, strategies to improve accessibility and inclusivity, and employ practical exercises and group discussion to practice new skills. This workshop will focus mainly on the foundations of creating an inclusive practice, but will touch on herbal therapeutics to support a gender diverse clientele. Join us for a journey into thinking beyond the binary!

Learning objectives and outcomes:

  • Overview of concepts and terminology
  • Strategies to improve accessibility and inclusivity
  • Practice using new skills

Presented by Amber Fox