Jeananne Laing MH, ClH, INHC


Jeananne Laing is a Cannabis Educator, Registered Herbalist (AHA), and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.
Jeananne’s interest in the medical use of cannabis and other plants began at an early age. In 2016, with over 15 years involvement in the herbal industry, the time was right to focus on helping people understand and utilize cannabis as part of their health care protocol.  
After completing the Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine program at The Medical Cannabis Institute and LIFT’s Retail Cannabis Training course, Jeananne recognized that there was a huge gap in accessible cannabis information for both medical users and holistic health care practitioners.  
Seeking more, Jeananne began working at Harvest Medicine Clinic in Calgary ( as a cannabis educator shortly after the clinic opened in early 2017. During those early days as an educator Jeananne learned from the doctors and patients and read everything she could find on the subject, eventually writing her signature full-day workshop “Cannabis Medicine for Herbalists and other people” ( which has been taught to more than 300 students since November 2017. 
Jeananne is currently the Executive Director at an online cannabis education platform, Co-founder and Instructor at, and President of the Alberta Herbalists Association.


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