Registration for Gathering

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$247.00 - Weekend Registration includes Workshop Manual (pdf download)

Weekend Registration   $247.00

Includes Workshop Manual (pdf download)

Name of attendee:


Friday Full Day Growing Medicinal Herbs Intensive $80.00
(does not include lunch)
Monday Intensives
Full Day $95.00

Select a morning intensive below. ( Biophilia Intensive with Chanchal Cabrera or First Aid Intensive with Garliq )

Half Day Morning $50.00

Biophilia Intensive with Chanchal Cabrera or First Aid Intensive with Garliq - Select one below.

Half Day Afternoon $50.00

Making Liquid Herbal Extracts with Yarrow Willard

Monday Morning Intensive:   First Aid Intensive      Biophiliia Intensive

(Includes Lunch). Half Day: 9 am – 12 noon or 1 pm - 4 pm

Meal Registration

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Friday Dinner $20.00
Monday Lunch $15.00
Weekend Meal Plan $70.00
(Saturday breakfast / lunch / dinner, Sunday breakfast / lunch)


Saturday breakfast $12.50
Saturday lunch $15.00
Saturday Dinner $20.00
Sunday breakfast $12.50
Sunday Lunch $15.00

Dietary restrictions:

Vegetarian    Vegan    Gluten free    Dairy free    Soy free   
Other significant diet restriction (please specify)


Kids Rate $100.00
Kids rate (6 - 12 years old). Includes child education program during class times. Children under 6 must be with a responsible adult at all times. Children may be with parents in class providing they are quiet and not disrupting the instruction in any way. Thank you for your understanding.
Number of children?  
Childrens Names & Ages:

Kids Meals (Ages 12 and under)

  Kids Weekend Meal Pass   $40.00


  Kids Friday Dinner   $10.00
  Kids Saturday Breakfast   $6.00
  Kids Saturday Lunch   $9.00
  Kids Saturday Dinner   $10.00
  Kids Sunday Breakfast   $6.00
  Kids Sunday Lunch   $9.00

Kids Camping

  Kids Camping - Friday Night   $5.00
  Kids Camping - Sunday Night   $5.00
  Kids Camping - Saturday Night   $5.00


Yes, I will be camping
(Porta potties provided but no shower.)
RV Camping – Sunday Night $15.00
RV Camping – Saturday Night $15.00
RV Camping – Friday Night $15.00
Camping – Sunday Night $10.00
Camping – Saturday Night $10.00
Camping – Friday Night $10.00
NOTE: Camping tickets are per person not per tent. First 100 tents only can be accommodated on-site. Late registrants and camper vans are accommodated on another herbal farm that is 15 minutes away, walking on a woodland trail.

Emergency contact number(s) and name(s):

The Great Herbal Sell, Swap or Give Away

I would like to take part in the Great Herbal ‘Sell, Swap or Give Away’ on Saturday afternoon.
This is opportunity for all participants to showcase their arts and crafts and herbal products or herbal themed goods, to sell or give away surplus stock or plants or seeds, to trade and barter. It will be a ‘Blanket Market’ where everyone can participate at no cost.
Please list the types of items you will be bringing:

Terms and Conditions

Please indicate your acceptance of the Vancouver Island Herbal Community Gathering Waiver and Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy Agreement.

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