Call for Work / Study Volunteers

Meet new people, make new friends, have fun and be a part of the action.

In 2019 we are hosting the herbal gathering for the 4th time and we are expecting 200 – 250 people.

This ambitious plan will only work if we have another great crew of dedicated people who work together to make it a fabulous event.

What we need:

We need people to help us before, during and after the event.
We need people to help with food service, registration, parking, electrical and technical, the bonfire, childcare, set up and clean up.

Most of all we need 25 enthusiastic, hard working, results oriented, team playing, fun loving individuals who are passionate about herbs and who want to give their best to help this wonderful event and to make sure all participants have a fabulous time.


Minimum 10 hours of volunteer time required. Up to 5 hours may be scheduled over the weekend and may be during classes or other activities, but we will endeavor not to make it more than that, depending on your availability in advance or after the event. All volunteering must be completed by the end of Monday 15th, no deferrals.

What we can offer in return:

Special work/study registration for the weekend just $100 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
To qualify for this special price the entire amount must be paid by May 15th
25% off the cost of attending the pre and post conference intensives also paid by April 30th
Meals are not provided over the weekend and work/study volunteers must book and pay for their own meal plans.
Camping costs are not covered and work/study volunteers must reserve and pay for camping when registering

Discount codes do not apply to volunteer price